This is the title to one of my pieces in Soul Clothes. This poem and reflection piece was written over 15 years ago, yet it is timely today. As we struggle for the value of black lives in reality and as we seek to make where we live a safe, let alone a loving place - this piece speaks to my heart. It speaks of the exhaustion of fighting for civil rights and the movement of life from theory to practice. For me that movement was made real through prayer, reliance on the spirit of God and  my ancestors. For me the movement from theory to practice of fighting for people's rights was made easier from having been taught by many that we stand on the shoulders that come before us. Today we still stand on those shoulders and it still takes tears of grief, prayers of faith and the real toil of activism. I invite you to read the entire piece in my book, but  more importantly I invite you to cry if you must for our brothers and sisters dying in the street, but dry your tears and work! Do your part. Whatever part that is: court watch for community activists, volunteer at local recreation centers and non-profits, be informed this year when you go to the polls to vote, educate young men and women on the safety tips of getting home alive, engage local faith and government leaders in taking action to hold police authorities accountable or whatever you see there is to do. But for God's and people's sake - do something! As you work in your community, hold on to God and keep praying.