Divorce is an emotional and challenging time. No one gets married planning for divorce. Yet, it is becoming more and more common. Although divorces are about so much  more, from a legal perspective they are about care of the children and division of property. Here are five quick tips to consider that are often overlooked because a person is not legally entitled to these items:

1) TUITION. A custodial parent is entitled to child support and certain calculated percentages of uninsured medical expenses, but not tuition. Ask for it! It benefits your child and can make a huge difference. Whether college tuition and expenses, or private school tuition, it is a real expense that will need to be paid and planned for -- preferably in advance.

2) HEALTH INSURANCE. Although you are entitled to pay for continued health insurance coverages for anywhere from 18-36 months. Why not ask for your soon to be ex-spouse to pay your premiums for you for a transitional period?

3) PASSPORT & WRITTEN PERMISSION TO TRAVEL. Being just across the river from another country and with parents becoming more and mobile in a ever shrinking world... you may want to get express permission for issuance of passports for your children. You can also include parameters for traveling or approving travel requests with the minor children. Thinking about these things in advance can be very helpful.

4) INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS FOR CHILDREN. Typically only the custodial parent is entitled to the deduction. Although I routinely recommend every divorcee to consult a tax consultant, I routinely ask for alternating years or shared deductions of the minor children. These deductions can be an important consideration in the overall financial picture of a changed family structure. 

5) SPECIAL HOLIDAY OR PARENTING TIME CONSIDERATIONS. Standard orders only consider typical North American holidays. What if your family has special traditions, family reunions, religious practices, or other such "holiday" considerations?Div You may want to include these items in your scheduling of parenting time. 

There are many more items like these that we are experts at negotiating and considering as you make this life changing transition. Call us today! 313-963-1049.