I have seen both sides of sexual assault allegations. I have represented persons defending allegations. I have held the hands of those that have been abused. Here are some considerations in this heightened for all persons that may help a person that may be victimized or a person that may be accused:

1) APPS TO RECORD. Get one of those handy apps to record (Awesome Voice Recorder Pro, Voice Recorder & Audio Editor by Tap Media Ltd., etc.)and put it on your home screen so it is easily accessible. If you find yourself in a situation, it may be helpful to record conversations or happenings -- if at all possible. 

2) TELL SOMEONE. If you find yourself assaulted, no matter the shame, guilt, fear, or other appropriate response. Tell someone! No matter how counter-intuitive and challenging it is. Tell someone!

3) GET HELP. Find a therapist, counselor, pastor, or other professional that is qualified to help you through being assaulted or being accused. You will need support to address the aftermath of assault or get help from predatory behaviors or suffering through false allegations. No person is an island, and all are better with the right people to help. Do not be afraid to "shop" around. If the initial contact is not helpful, move on and find what you need. 

4) MAKE SURE SOMEONE KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE. In the ages of independence, many persons go on dates, meet other persons and no one knows where you are. Although you may be private, live alone, or just do not want to be bothered -- always make sure someone knows where you are going and who you are meeting when you get there. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but just some thoughts I was prompted to share as we live through the buffoonery of our current political system.