Every now and then the courts work the way they are supposed to and reverse an egregious and heartbreaking trial court error. Every now and then justice prevails -- not in theory but in the lives of real people, real parents, and real children. Today the Michigan Court of Appeals unanimously reversed trial court's stripping of children from their mother who gave birth, parented and cared for them for seven years. Today she was restored as apparent able to participate in the medical care, education and parenting of her children and she is no longer relegated as a "third party" without rights.  The court issued an additional opinion recognizing the other non-genetic parents constitutional right to parent regardless of whether they have given birth. 

Read for yourself our victory and the real result we were able to accomplish through the expertise and partnership of Attorney Cathy Sakimura and her colleagues from the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Attorney Jay Kaplan from the Michigan American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Reproductive Rights, Center for Genetics and Society, Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research and many law professors across the country who signed on to the amicus brief written by Professors Courtney Joslin and Douglas NeJaime.  Today we celebrate what was accomplished and realize there is still much work to do.